Determine If An Entry In Wikipedia Is An Example Of Transactional Information

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1. Determine if an entry in Wikipedia is an example of transactional information or analytical information.

Wikipedia is an example for both; transactional or analytical information because Articles inWikipedia are continually edited and usually improved over time. In general this results in an upward trend of quality. An entry in Wikipedia would be transactional information, while the articles which have achieved certain standards over a period of time would be an example of analytical information.

2. What is the impact to Wikipedia if the information contained in its database is of low quality?

It will lose its quality and standard. Most articles are not of encyclopedic quality from the start. It may take months or years of continuous editing before an article can reach certain quality or standard

3. Review the five common characteristics of high quality information and rank them in order ofimportance to Wikipedia.

1. Accuracy: Information needs to be of high quality to be useful and accurate.
2. Completeness: Partial information is incomplete because it is only a small part of the picture.
3. Consistency: Consistency is the key when entering information into a database. If a field is set to accept a ten digit number, entering more or less digits will create inconsistency.
4. Uniqueness: In order to add value to the organization, information must be unique and distinctive.
5. Timeliness: New and updated data is more valuable than old outdated information.

4. How is Wikipedia resolving the issue of poor information?

Wikipedia originally allowed unrestricted access so that people could contribute to the site without undergoing a registration process. As with any database management system, governance is a key issue. Without governance, there is no control over how information is published and maintained. But as Websites like Wikipedia grow in volume, it will be nearly impossible to govern them. Wikipedia began tightening its rules for submitting entries following the disclosure that it ran a piece falsely implication a man in the Kennedy assassination. Wikipedia now requires users