Determining Your Perfect Position Paper

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Determining Your Perfect Position Paper
Raluca Gaspar
Organizational Leadership / LDR531
March 2nd, 2013
Shasta Nicholson Determining Your Perfect Position Paper
In this paper I am asked to imagine the company I work for is restructuring and I have the power to choose what position I want to have in the company as long as I can defend it and my leadership style closely aligns with the job. Also, describing leadership theories that contributed to my leadership style (compare and contrast) is essential to connecting my leadership style to the job I believe I should get. Personally, the job that would fit me better would be that of a human resources coordinator. As a human resources coordinator, the relationships with employees are different. One gets to know the employees on a more personal level, and have an emotional relationship with them. The idea of connecting with people at work on a deeper level appeals to me. Being able to know the person versus the employee and being able to affect someone’s life like that appeals to my desire to help people.
My Leadership Style Becoming a leader hasn’t been easy. I am not a naturally born leader, not in the sense that some leadership theories describe it. Yukl, in Leadership in Organizations (2010) says that the trait theory of leadership was, at least initially, based on the assumption that some people are natural leaders, that they have certain qualities that other people don’t have (p. 13). Growing up I was shy, and reluctant to voice any opinion. Working directly with customers and people, in general, helped me overcome my shyness, and I learned skills to cope with being the center of attention at times. I learned to use humor to get over embarrassment and how to articulate my opinions, even when they were dissenting opinions. I learned how to strike a conversation, to find something to talk about with anyone. I learned how to read my partner in conversation, and act accordingly to what puts him or her at ease.

Strengths of My Leadership Style The HR role has changed over the years. While in the past the HR professionals were in charge of hiring and recruiting, now, according to, HR professionals have three roles: a strategic partner, an employee sponsor and advocate, and a change mentor (Heartfield, 2013). Being an employee advocate is essential in human resources, since usually employees go to a human resources representative because of an issue or they have concerns about bosses, coworkers and/or their families. Being able to make people comfortable around you helps employees open up and talk freely about the issue at hand. That gives you more power to help and offer advice. Objectivity is one of my strongest qualities. I am a firm believer in fairness, and I am able to listen to both sides of an issue and remain neutral, or at least seem neutral, especially in interpersonal relationships. My ability of inspire people and gaining their trust and respect are qualities that increase productivity and loyalty. In my position as a leader I was able to increase morale in my department and make employees happy, at least to the Associate Tracker Survey that everyone takes once a year. At my last store the Apparel department had the highest increase over last year in the employee satisfaction, and when I got transferred my employees cried and thanked me for helping them. They still call me and ask for my advice on how to do their work better and on how to deal with their new management team. I enjoy connecting with people on a more personal level than a boss.
Weaknesses of My Leadership Style Despite the progress I have made over the years, my leadership style is not perfect. I still have weakness that I work on turning into strengths every day. One of those weaknesses is controlling my behavior, especially through body language, when I am displeased, upset, and/or stressed. I have an impulsive personality and