Essay on Developmental Psychology and Attention Social-emotional Development

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EPY 2050 – Summer 2011
Final Exam Study Guide
The final covers early childhood through adolescence. Items come from class discussion, power points, the textbook, and our other assigned readings.
There are 45-50 items. Most are multiple-choice; there are a few fill-in-the-blanks, a matching set, and one short answer.
Elements of storm & stress
Cultural influences on the length and nature of adolescent experience
Personal fable
Imaginary audience
Kohlberg: stages: know the 3 stages of moral development; be able to recognize Gilligan: her critique of Kohlberg Influence of peers on moral reasoning
Harter: Domains of self-esteem
Erikson: identity v. role confusion
Marcia: Identity statuses
Outcomes re: gender differences in pubertal timing
Risk behavior statistics
Impact of parental acceptance or rejection on health outcomes for LGB youth
Brain growth
How brain development corresponds to language development, inhibition, increased attention
Social-Emotional Development
The 4 parenting styles, and outcomes associated with each
Know the facets of temperament.
Inductive discipline
Impact of praise for ability or effort
Learned helplessness, mastery orientation, performance orientation
The defining characteristic of autism
Cognitive development
Piaget: Characteristics of pre-operational, concrete operational, and formal operational thought. Be able to recognize by example.
Vygotsky: private speech, benefits of sociodramatic play
Siegler: Overlapping waves