Unit 11 Health And Social Care

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I have been in many events where I have fed babies in setting. One time I was preparing snack where I had to warm up some baby food for one of the babies in setting. I had to make sure that I had warm damp cloths on stand-by in case of any mess caused by the children and for cleaning there face afterwards. I put the child in the high chair and slowly feeding the child, giving her the change to chew and swallow the food. I stimulate and talk to her when she is eating, smiling and making sure that the child eats the food with encouragement. After the child has eaten, I wipe her face clean take her bib off and sit her with me and get her feeling relaxed by singing nursery rhymes before her nap time.
This links to my learning as I am learning how to prepare food in a correct way for children to eat and also learning how to feed them and know when they are done with a mouthful in order to feed them there next mouthful of food and to know when to stop when they have had enough to stop feeding them altogether. Also I have experienced cleaning up a child and then helping them get to sleep for their afternoon nap in setting.

My place in this event was very effective as I would monitor an individual child which needed help, this would help the practitioners in order for them to either feed another child or get something else done while I was feeding the child that needed help. This gave me confidence in feeding children and I also knew how to monitor them while