Diet Analysis Essay

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John Monaghan 11/9/2009 Nutrition Diet Analysis

In life, many people participate in various daily events and activities that help them enjoy being who they are. People may enjoy getting together with friends, going to the mall, going to an amusement park or simply finding relaxation in nature. However, a big part of everyone’s life is of course eating and many people find pleasure in doing so. Eating is a very enjoyable and delectable must for everyone but should be done so, like everything in life, in a smart and intelligent way. Being smart and perceptive when eating is a large part of nutrition. Throughout the Diet Analysis Project, I was able to analyze and inspect my diet to examine what I was eating, what types of nutrients I
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I will correct this through increasing my exercise by running and lifting weights. Additionally I will need to watch high calorie foods and decrease my calorie intake substantially. The nutrient of sodium consumed in excess through my diet led to a substantial issue. I have a three hundred and thirty eight percentage value for my sodium intake, which is an unhealthily soaring value. This could be very dangerous and could possibly cause my blood to have sodium beginning to stockpile in it, which would ultimately cause a rising blood volume. A rising blood volume can cause kidney disease and will be strenuous on my heart causing it more work and could even lead to congestive heart failure. The main foods providing large amounts of sodium are the cheeseburgers, the cup of noodles, the fried chicken sandwiches and the breakfast biscuits. In the future I need to look to stray away from the high sodium foods, which will eventually lower my sodium nutrient values, and I need to incorporate more vegetables and some fruit into my diet. I had zero fruit in my diet and that is a necessity to having a healthy diet. Incorporating fruit will also help me accumulate the vitamin percentages I am lacking. I also need to add more whole grains and more water to my diet. I need to look for the dark leafy-green vegetables and decrease my soda intake, perhaps replacing it with simply water. In the morning I do take a vitamin C and a super B complex pill.