Difference Between Nyse And Nasdaq

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By: Lavoy Freeman
Financial Management
Individual Project 1

Many people may make millions or lose everything they have by buying and selling stocks on exchange markets. The two most familiar exchanges are NYSE and NASDAQ. The New York Stock Exchange is a Euro-American national security exchange that operates multiple security exchanges. It maintains a leading position in global exchange products market. In 2011, NYSE-Euronext led the market in Exchange Traded Products with more than 450 new ETN listed. The market’s impressive growth has been a success from their rests of structuring nearly 85% of their leading venue for Exchange Traded Funds, Exchange Traded Notes, Exchange Traded Vehicles, and Warrant and Certificate trading. The product offering of the marketplace gives investors access of regulated listings as well as fast and innovative tools to quickly convert assets to cash. The trade of equities, futures, options, fixed-income and exchange-traded products comes from the company’s exchanges in Europe and the United States. NYSE Liffe is a derivative business operated by NYSE-Euronext, which offers comprehensive commercial technology along with connectivity, market data products and services. (NYSE-Euronext) NASADAQ is known as an American stock exchange market, which originally stands for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. Other than NYSE, NASDAQ is the second-largest stock exchange by market capitalization in the world. It was founded and began trading in 1971, and ended up being the world’s first electronic stock market. It is a system set up to lower the spread, which made them much of their money. It was also the first stock market in the United States to start trading online. NASDAQ require market makers to honor trades over the Small Order Execution System (SOES), which is a system organized to provide an electronic method for dealers to enter their trades. Several thousands of companies have chosen NASDAQ to go public and sell their shares. In other words, the shares of stocks being bought and sold belong to the companies listed on the NASDAQ exchange. Some of the most active shares includes: Microsoft, Facebook, Inc., Groupon Inc., and Sirius XM Radio Inc. NASDAQ composite 2,904.87 of the twenty most active share volumes, since Nov. 9, 2002. (NASDAQ) Both markets share some similarities. NASDAQ and NYSE are both involved through trading. NASDAQ is a computer based organization where all trading takes place on a computer. The NYSE is a physical place where the trading of stock really occurs. They both attempt to match buyers with sellers or supply with demand. Both also utilize electronic screens during trade, which makes them electronic stock exchanges. The difference between the two markets is that NYSE has a higher