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The final version of this syllabus will appear in Blackboard/Course Information on or before the first class day. In addition, the latest version of the Tentative Schedule (2012) posted in the Course Information area in Blackboard is part of this syllabus. The schedule remains tentative throughout the trimester for your benefit to allow for flexibility at your professor’s discretion. By the way, this syllabus is a compilation and explanation of the rules, so it is a rather serious document. Finally, if you find what you believe to be an error and/or an omission, please notify your professor.

FINC 6301 Financial Management Fall 2012 Syllabus
FINC 6301 is the core finance course for the MBA program. We will be studying many of the topics covered in the course prerequisite FINC 5308 (or in the six hours of undergraduate finance for which you have already received credit) in depth. Students who have not taken a finance course in a long time should seriously consider taking FINC 5308 before taking this course even if not required to do so. This course is narrower in scope than FINC 5301, however, since it is a course on managerial finance (a.k.a., financial management or corporate finance).
We designed the course to give you tools to deal with the financial aspects of your work, whatever that may be. Because finance is a complex discipline that you could study for years and still have more to learn, it is necessary to focus in this course on the most important aspects of finance. Thus, we will not cover every aspect in detail. When you complete this course successfully, however, you will be able to:
1 1. Solve financial problems using spreadsheet applications and a financial calculator and evaluate investment choices.

2. Apply financial theory to analyze investment, financing, dividend policy and working capital decisions in a corporate setting.
3 3. Evaluate a firm’s financial performance and issue financial recommendations on the firm’s liquidity position, asset management, leverage, profitability, and market valuation model.

For a list of all Learning Goals, Objectives and Outcomes, see the list at the end of this document in Table 1.
FINC 6301 is a Phase II course, so you should be taking this rather early in your coursework after you have taken the appropriate prerequisites.
Your main goal in this course is to arrive at a deeper understanding of the financial manager’s role in the firm. You can achieve this through the following activities:
Reading and studying learning objectives and the assigned reading material chapters both before and after class discussion
Participating fully in class discussions
Paying attention to and asking thoughtful questions
Finding and relating relevant current events to the material covered in a specific weekly class
Participating in problem-solving sessions, in and out of class or online, with others when appropriate
Preparing appropriately for online quizzes
Successfully completing assignments
Finding other ways to meet the course learning objectives
Your professor’s goal is to guide you through the appropriate material, create a safe atmosphere for you to learn and grade your performance fairly on class contributions to discussions, quizzes and other assignments. Note: The professor may or may not set aside dedicated points for class contribution. In the absence of such points, students should still participate in class discussions to make the class a lively experience for everyone.
To make a B in this course, you should plan to spend at least three (3) hours each week preparing for each one (1) hour we spend in class discussions each week. Thus, you should plan to spend at least nine (9) or more hours per week preparing for class by reading the text, preparing for class either online or in class and studying for and taking quizzes. You will spend approximately three hours each week in class or online as well for a total of