Dinner Conversation Alternate Ending

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farm involved the Shepherd and the Lab barking at each other before even leaving the truck. The Moreau brothers clambered to see the new dog. For ten minutes the yard was a whirlwind of activity. Things calmed down, with one dog marking his territory and the other remarking the spot.

Dinner conversation was an edited version of the day's events. The well trained dogs, lying in the living room, watched the humans eating. The Swede's interest was caught at the mention of such well protected fields. Peach didn't care how big the home was, she silently made up her mind that she was not leaving her house. The young woman was also positive the partners were leaving something out of their story.

According to the Swede, rain had better come soon or the harvest would be
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If nothing else, the harvest people could stay here in the future." They started by empting the shelves. The doors along the hall were empty storage areas, that held most of the items on the shelving. Then they carted the storage racks themselves up the stairs. The plastic bodied, wheel barrow was bumped down the metal edged stairs, now wet from the rain.

Joker stepped over the bodies of the twice killed goons. He stuck his head into the hidden room. "There's a safe in here" he said raising his voice to compensate for the covering over his head. The thief pulled on the heavy, steel plate door with the holes burned in it. His partner commented "Let's do the bodies today".

Trey laid out a body bag with the zipper down. Using short ropes, with loops for handles, they carried a goon and plunked it in the bag. The strapped bag was easier to lift into the wheel barrow. Moving the body down the hall to the foot of the stairs, it was unceremoniously dumped on the floor. One man pulled on each side of the bag, which slid nicely up the wet metal of the steps. By noon they were out of body bags.

"These things seem light for their size. Fluid loss" the bank robber