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Legal and Insurance implications for staging a concert in
“Kalamunda Shire” Perth WA

I spoke to the one of the Events officer’s at the Kalamunda Shire and they were not very forth coming with the information for this task. I did get minimal information so I will utilise that information and attempt to complete this set task successfully.

To host any event in the shire you must first get the approval of the shire before you even think about or do anything else. I was advised if they do not want it or approve it, your event will not happen. The factors they take into consideration before approval are - LOCATION –The main issue in Kalamunda shire
You could possibly use the local oval in Forrestfield “Hartfield Park” for a daytime family concert.
To get the park up to the required level for any concert would be very costly. The park would need to be secured as it is partly open in areas. This can be done with fencing and hessian or other equipment available from hire companies who specialise in this field of equipment.
As it is open you would need to consider weather issues and prepare for all weather conditions.
Proving to the shire you have adequate Parking for the venue and expected crowd attendance.
You would have to prove to the shire that this venue is suitable for your event to get the approval.
Any recreational areas, Show Grounds, sporting ovals are all surrounded by residents.
The shire is very strict on the type of noise at any event within their shire. As mentioned previously about the amount of residential properties in the local vicinity of the park, a high percentage of the residents are in the older age bracket and have resided there for many years. They do not allow loud music or loud Bands or concerts in our local area.
Risk Management -
A risk management plan must be submitted with all event applications to the shire. This plan must also include a sketched plan of the venue with all exits, Toilets, parking and event lay out included.
You must also advise what Emergency people you will have at the venue. If the crowd is expected to be a large crowd they may insist on Security & police presence at the event at all times.
Curfew -
Depending on the type of event and the location, the shire has set Curfews for public events and functions.
The curfew times were not supplied and I was advised organisers are notified of the times at the approval of the event. Each event type has different curfew times.
Public Liability -
All events held on shire property including Ovals, Parks, Halls, recreation areas must have their own public liability.
If you are having markets, Entertainers, Performers etc, they also must have their own Public liability.
All copies from the organisers, Performers, Stall holders, entertainers must be supplied to the shire at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Organisers public Liability must be supplied at the time of the event application.
If you are serving alcohol, food, raffles you must apply to get the appropriate licences approved before the approval is given from the shire. Shire approval may be approved depending on license approval and will be signed off on proof of Licenses being approved.

Shire Approval
You will only get shire approval if all the above paperwork is submitted with the event application. You can book the venue but the shire will cancel and not give their permission or support if they do not approve.
To get any event approved is becoming very difficult in the Kalamunda Shire. The event application form itself is 19 pages long, than you have to add all the extra information required by the shire. This makes it a very lengthy and sometime complicated application. This is because of all the new laws and regulations along with the crime issues in our local area.
The shires in all areas of Perth are being very cautious of events being organised by small businesses and organisations. We are experiencing a lot of issues