Discrimination and Equal Pay Essay

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Discrimination is seen everywhere, especially in the business organizations. A lot of people are discriminated by their sex, race, and appearance. Everyone knows that Public Relations agencies are often overwhelmingly staffed by women. The women do most of the business work, but sometimes it looks as if men are more commonly found in the corner offices at agencies and on the client side, where all the power is. And, of course, PR is one of those industries like entertainment, broadcasting and food service where people are often hired based on their appearance.

Sex or gender discrimination involves treating people unfairly strictly because the individuals are man or woman. Women are one of the most groups being discriminated against today. They try very hard to fit in and be successful in their careers. Discrimination against women is found in many workplaces. Many studies in the past and present have shown that women do not get promoted as fast as men and do not get the equal pay for the same kind of jobs as men. Many women feel as if they have been cheated, robbed of what they deserve. In my opinion, female workers in the U.S. should be treated equally at work as their male coworkers. Women should be paid the same wages for the same skills they have and jobs they do as men are being paid. If a woman is capable of doing the work and has the right skills and education, she should be hired just like a man would be. According to the Equal Pay Act of 1963 the employer is required to pay equal wages within the establishment to men and women doing equal work on jobs requiring equal skills, effort, and responsibility, which are performed under similar working conditions. As you can see this act is rarely put to use, millions of women are discriminated against daily and most of the time nothing is ever done about it. It is very common you hear about discrimination in the work place with women but rarely with a man.

Male discrimination in the workplace is becoming more and more common. It’s not as popular but it happens every now and the. Discrimination on male in the work place are usually with jobs that women would normally work like a caregiver. Another one of many aspects that discrimination has had an impact on is jobs. This is not just a black and white issue, but any nationality that differs from the employers preferences. Many times when someone puts an ethnic-sounding name on an application, the employer will pick another applicant with a name that sounds more “American” over the more ethnic name. This happens even if the two people have the same qualifications. This specific issue also happens among the same race; it is not just race against race. Discrimination within jobs does not only occur with the start of names, but also with positions within a job. Many times you can go into a workplace where you see majority of one race doing blue-collard work and majority of another race doing white-collard, business jobs. With the economy today, everyone, no matter what race is looking for jobs.

Discrimination against a person because of their weight, body art, their style of dress, and even their hairstyle is a far too common practice in the American workplace. Companies who use such discriminatory practices as hiring and promoting