Essay about Discrimination and Learning Outcome

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In regards to your job role explain what is meant by: (Learning Outcome 1.1) * Diversity * Equality * Inclusion
____________________________________________________________________Diversity means difference . it is about reconising individuals as well as group differences. Treating people as individuals. It is about acknowledging your prejudices, allowing people to be different and respecting these differences. In our job role we meet different people with different likes preference an beliefs it is there for important that we respect these differences and do not treat them any differently because their values maybe different to our own.

Equality is the same status, rights and responsibilities for all the members of society, group, or family ie, equality of the sexes. In our work place it is about giving people equal chance by valuing and acknowledging the difficulties and differences and helping them. It is about everyone having the same oppertunities.

Inclusion is a human right for every individual its aim is to embrace all people irrespective of race, gender, disability, medical or other need, culture, age, religionand sexual orientation. It is about giving equal access and opertunities and getting rid of discrimination and