Discrimination: Discrimination and Criminal Justice Field Essay

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Situations in the Criminal Justice Field
April Allen
CJA 344
Blanche Cook
November 11, 2013

Introduction The criminal justice field is complex. There are rules and regulations that must be adhered to. If they are not it can cost a person, officer or civilian, his or her life. Understanding the society in which they govern the law by is also very important. The officers must be aware of the different cultures and how they are divided. They must also know which cultures interact better together, and which cultures do not get along. To properly interpret these situations to other members of the criminal justice field, and to the public, the officers must be able to know the differences in the terminology used to describe these groups. This following article will define the terminology that is most commonly used, and some terminology that is hardly known.
Psodeospeciation is defined as a fact that the differences within cultures causes humans to divide into different social groups. These different social groups are separated by different languages, dress, and customs . It has been recorded that in 1966 Erik Erikson used this term to describe the inhumanity of the human groups and subgroups. An example that would be commonly used with psodeospeciation would be human groups and their preference on religion. They believe that the religion that they practice is the religion that should be practiced by every other culture. Those other human groups that do not worship the way that they do are incorrect. To further break this down say Christion v Allah. Christians believe that God is only person who should be praised and worshiped, yet you go to the Middle East and they feel as though Allah is the one true divine and all should honor him. Neither one of these groups will ever come to agreement on the true divine power. In the criminal justice system it is very important for the officers to understand that these two groups, once combined in living spaces, may not interact peacefully because they do not share the same religious beliefs. For many religion can be a breaking point for any functioning relationship
Bigotry is a word that is not commonly heard. Bigotry is where the beliefs of the minority group will not be tolerated. Bigotry is quite similar to that of pseudospeciation. Bigotry and pseudospeciation both do not tolerate those who do not believe the way the other group feels that they should. An example of bigotry is a homosexual couple moves into a neighborhood that is classified as a heterosexual community. The population of the heterosexual community will frown upon and alienate the homosexual couple because their form of marriage is not that same as the rest of the community. So their belief of a union will not be tolerated by the rest of the population. Similar to that of placing a Christian family into a city where only Allah is praised. They, like the homosexual couple, will be frowned on and alienated from the majority. Individuals who are placed in situations such as these also opens the doors for hate crimes. Hate crimes are any violent action from one individual or group to another individual or group because they are different. These differences range from religion, sexuality, and even race. It is important for the criminal justice officials to aware of areas that have the mingled populations. If they are unaware of what kind of population a certain area contains they will not know what problems may arise and how to handle them.
Racisms is very popular anywhere there is multiculturalism. Racism refers to social inequality. Racism is not an action that is confined to just one group or a single individual. Racism is the belief that individuals are divided by instinct and hereditary groups. Racism is also known as hateful behavior towards racial and ethnic groups . Racism is a behavior that learned at a young age.