Discuss How Rural Areas Can Become Increasingly Sustainable

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With reference to one or more located examples, examine how rural areas can become increasingly sustainable. (25 marks)

Sustainable schemes can only be implemented after there have been discussions and planning between local residents and officials from the government.

The Amathole District Municipality, South Africa has focused key areas to improve for a sustainable future. This includes reducing unemployment by half, eradicating poverty, investing in sustainable infrastructure development, enhancing the economy and reducing the impact of Aids. 2.5 billion Rand has been focused on the project by the Government.

Of main economic sectors in the Amathole, livestock farming is included. There are improvement programmes to improve livelihoods from livestock, targeting marketing, branding and genetic improvement. There are also plans to improve cooperation between communal livestock and commercial farmers. However, the District has significant untapped agriculture, forestry and water resources. Combining plans with exploitation of these resources, using sustainable methods, will help develop the area sustainably.

There are also easy ways of increasing sustainability. Establishing small scale subsidence farms can create extra food supply in a very small amount of time and at little cost. This will mean more food is produced locally, meaning the area doesn’t have to import as much food, meaning less transportation pollution. Introducing drought-resistant will mean crops can