Discuss The Code Of Ethics In The Healthcare Administration Field

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There are several codes of ethics which are essential in the Healthcare Administration field. The following code of ethics is not only applicable to healthcare but also can be carried over to almost any positive business venture. As per the American College of Healthcare Administrators, one of the essential code of ethics is ensuring providers deliver the best care to individuals they are servicing while integrating all the resources individuals have readily available at their fingertips in the process (American College of Healthcare Administrators “n.d.”). Healthcare Administration professionals also must uphold a certain level of professionalism and adhere to all the rules outlined or associated with the Healthcare Administration field …show more content…
As per the National Association for Healthcare Quality relationships are instrumental in the Healthcare field as well (2011). While taking into consideration professionalism or lack thereof is evident when patients receive care (American College of Healthcare Administrators “n.d.”). A climate should be promoted which offers a safe space for individuals to not only report incidents in which they do not feel comfortable but should offer the opportunity to advance and grow in the process (NAHQ, 2011). Lastly, the golden rule should apply to patients, fellow physicians, and the general population, meaning they should feel at ease when in the care of a Healthcare Administration professional (American College of Healthcare Administrators “n.d.”). For those who are not familiar with the golden rule, the basic principle is that individuals should treat others in a similar manner in which they wish to be treated. The previous standards are essential simply because it would be impossible to oversee successful evolutions in a practice without putting the patient first. Consequently, this means not only respecting the autonomy of the patients but also ensure governing a business with a level professionalism that stands out in a