Nursing : Career Development Essay

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Position Statement Introduction
Nursing is a call to serve the humanity. Present day healthcare system focused on preventive care and wellness has become highly advanced which makes every nurse responsible to achieve maximum level of education, skills and power of knowledge to meet the challenges. Continuous research in nursing and the evidence obtained from the research serves to support the nursing care. Continuing education helps nurses to keep track of all the developments taking place in the field, trace advances in technology and care, have a better understanding of all current rules and regulations, beware of all ethical and legal aspects of nursing as envisaged by various boards of nursing and other authorities in the field
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In the first phase, nurses used to come and exit from the system due to poor working conditions and environment. There was no proper organizational structure and compensation was not satisfying. Education was limited in scope, had a spiral structure and not well defined. Second phase showed more progress with advancement in education and profession. It was in this phase that associate degree to bachelor’s, bachelors to masters and masters to doctorate programs developed. This phase recognized nursing as a profession seriously and developed a vision for the future. In the thirds phase, as we see today, came all the evidence based practices and developed ladders in nursing profession where the boundaries of nursing practice is ever expanding, preparing nurses to undertake challenging roles in administration and leadership. In short, authors have described clearly what has evolved over the span of 40 years and the need to adhere to working on evidence based practice (Donley & Flaherty, 2008).
“Changing Jobs: Strategies for Finding the Best Fit for you”, was the title of another article I found about career development in nursing. In the article, author recognizes the reason why most people stick to their profession for a long period of time. Many of them never realize that there is an opportunity out there. Author examines the scope of practice today and describes why a nurse