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From: Ursula.Washington1Date: 6/1/2013 10:39:52 PM
Subject: Phase 2 DB Organizational Culture.

Phase 2 DB-Organizational Culture.

What is corporate culture? - Corporate culture is a collective way to do things. It is a learned behavior that is common knowledge to all participants. Corporate culture can be considered the glue of the business.


Culture change within FORD MOTOR CO. has been great, according to Felicia Fields, Group Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Services. There is a renewed since of pride. We are no longer talking about survival, but talking about thriving and growing into a better company as a whole. Our leadership team understands they can never be complacent and our employees are highly committed in maintaing the momentum. Since we have evolved into a global company, we have refocused our priorities and changed the way we work. After years of separation, we are now hiring again. We are focusing on ways to attract and retain talented individuals, through employee development programs that will enhance their skills. Our employees are our customers too, and we have learned the more we share with them about where we are going as a company, the more inspired they become.

It's obvious that Ford Motor Co., was financially struggling, with that, it created a negative culture change. The company had to release a lot of people early, their hiring went on "freeze". Before all that, Ford Motor was the number one place to work. Through their