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In the first Cartoon picture, we can see that the artist has painted three different characters, each of them representing different countries, like Cuba, Spain and the US. Cuba has experienced the independence struggle, the three countries are intertwined. The portrayal of the characters as a one-time Uncle Sam, on behalf of the America as a hero, a variety of, have been or will be saved "damsel in distress," Cuba is portrayed as. In the all black people, see the character and the evil look on his face, should depict the Spanish, who is evil villain Cuba, plunder her metaphor "goods and services," truly representative of sugar alcohol. This cartoon seems to be attracted to obtain America interest to Cuba to aid in her fight for independence from Spain.
In the cartoon two, Uncle Sam who represents USA have a completely different appearance comparison on picture one. From this picture, we can see that he looked tired, he wants to take care of four crying children but it seems he cannot handle it. The four countries are Cuba, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Philippines. However, he looks very satisfied, because of the fact that he can control them, like their resources. When American has defeated from Spain and the US automatically becomes the most powerful country. Therefore, after the war, the four countries are protected in American, because they cannot afford to buy Sports autonomy. In addition, in Cartoon three, Oporto, Costa Rica, Philippines, Cuba and improve their marks, which they have become a part of the exhibition, and USA is dressed like a ballerina and standing on the top of the world.
In the cartoon four, Cuba is the shape of a beautiful woman, but she was still in her arm off, but to break the chain, she has recently been liberated. Miss Colombia, invited her to join Miss America and Colombia. In 1901, the U.S. occupation of Cuba, Cuba during this period to draft their own constitution, the Spanish army was defeated and kicked out from Cuba. Therefore, I thought she said Cuba would have a better life if she goes with the US because the US told her that if she went to the United States she would have more beautiful clothes.
In the cartoon five, it is the second year