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Discussion of Standards

The following will be a comparison and contrast of four different sets of standards for library and information work. I will be looking at the standards: ALA Standards for Accreditation ALA/AASL Standards for Initial Preparation of School Librarians (2010) NC School Library Media Coordinators Standards (2012) (NCSLMC) ACRL Standards for Libraries in Higher Education (2011)
Originally, I assumed that the standards would be the same. However, I came to the conclusion that each one is similar, but also very different. I found that ALA standard 1, ALA/AASL standard 4, and ACRL standard 1 were similar. They each were referring to developing an effective program within the library. I thought that standard II of ALA and standard 4 of NCSLMC were similar when they discussed responding to the needs of a rapidly changing technological and global society. ALA standard III referred to faculty. I found that standards 1.2, 1.3, 5.2 of ALA/AASL and standard 8 of ACRL also referred to faculty. I thought that standard VI of ALA and standard 5.3 of ALA/AASL were similar in discussing facilities. Other similarities were standard 1 of ALA/AASL and standards 1 and 3 of NCSLMC. I thought that standard 3 of ACRL dealing with the educational role was also similar to 1.3 of ALA/AASL and stand 1 of NCSLMC. Standard 2 of the NCSLMC refers to the school library media coordinator building a learning environment that meets the instructional needs of a diverse population. I think goes along with standard 2.3 of ALA/AASL with respect for diversity. Standard 3 of the NCSLMC refers to implementing a comprehensive 21st century library media program. I believe that standard 4 of ACRL is similar because it states, “Libraries enable users to discover information in all formats through effective use of technology and organization of knowledge”. Standard 4 of the NCSLMC is similar to standard 3 of ALA/AASL because it is discussing information and knowledge. I think standard 5 of NCSLMC is similar to standards 3.4, 4.1, 4.2, 5 of ALA/AASL and standard 1 of ACRL. This standard is referring to collecting data to improve program planning, librarian networking, professional development, and continuous improvement. In standard 2 of ALA/AASL it discusses candidates collaborate with classroom teachers. That is similar to the standard 2.6 of ACRL that discusses collaboration on campus. However, standard 2.6 takes it a bit farther and has collaboration across institutional boundaries. In standard 4, advocacy is mentioned. Standard 9 of ACRL is similar because it is talking about the role of the librarian as an ambassador for the library.
Two of the standards were very similar. The ALA/AASL Standards for Initial Preparation of School Librarians are referring to the candidates that want to be school librarians. The NC School Library Median Coordinators Standards are standards for candidates that want to be media coordinators. This is the same job, just a different title.
The ACRL standards are referring to higher education. The ALA