Internet Addiction Research Paper

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Internet addiction is a very real threat to public health and safety. While it is undeniable that the internet provides people with the ability to easily acquire information, learn new things, gain and maintain relationships and make money, there are also just as many ways to abuse the internet. From online gaming addiction, online pornography addiction and social media addiction. Studies show that the most vulnerable population for internet addiction is children and adolescents. Approximately 5,000,000 children suffer from online gaming addiction.
Internet has been formally recognized as a disorder by the American Psychological Association but has not yet been added as an official diagnosis to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). The amount of time is not the important factor in Internet Addiction, rather it is the ways in which a person’s internet use is interfering with their daily functions. This interference can be with their social life, school work or job related tasks at work.
Individuals can be at greater risk of internet or computer addiction if they suffer from anxiety, depression, if they suffer from other addictions, if they lack social support, are unhappy teenagers, are less mobile or socially active than they were or are stressed. Warning signs include losing track of time, having trouble completing tasks at home, work or school, Isolation from family and friends, feeling guilty or defensive about internet use, and a sense of euphoria while involved with internet activities.
There are many steps one can take to get Internet use under control. Starting on your own can be a great start, but it is important to get outside support as well. First, recognize any underlying problems that support your addiction, such as depression, stress or anxiety, or problems with drugs or alcohol. Build your coping skills to weather the stresses and strains of daily life without resorting to compulsive behavior. Strengthen your support network, the more relationships you have in real life, the less you will need the internet for social interaction. Modify your internet one step at a time. Start with keeping a log