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Disney Case Analysis

Disney’s success can be attributed to its unique resources and capabilities that have led them to flourish for over 70 years. Those resources and capabilities include:
Disney’s constant emphasis on maintaining their culture is a resource within itself. By maintaining their family-friendly culture, they have been able to replicate their success throughout numerous generations, essentially winning a large part of the market in each generation. This can be attributed to their intensive training programs that ensure every employee of Disney understands the culture that Walt Disney had envisioned.
Disney’s consistent leadership style contributed to their high growth throughout different generations. During the post-Walt Disney years, Eisner and Well’s exceptional understanding of Walt Disney’s vision, in addition to their individual personalities that perfectly complemented each other, helped rebuild the Disney brand. Their ideals of “envisioning creativity” were paramount to Disney’s success in revitalizing their television and film segments as well as maximizing their theme park potential from 1984-1993.
Arguably the greatest resource Disney has is its timeless brand image and reputation. By building their reputation in the Walt-Disney era through animated and live-action movies, Disney developed a reputation of high-quality, family-friendly entertainment. Be it one of their classic movies or their several theme parks, today consumers can always expect a consistent quality experience that Disney has provided for decades.
Global Universality:
Disney’s value proposition is able to extend beyond any one country. Disney was able to succeed in its movie business abroad because their films had universal messages that were applicable to many families around the world. This capability to produce films and theme parks that appealed not only to a certain geographic region was a large part in why Disney experienced massive growth throughout the 1900’s.
Diversification of Business Units:
Disney’s ability to diversify into many different industries has been one of its strengths, allowing the firm to flourish even if one particular division was faltering. By the late 1900’s, Disney was in the theme park, television, film, and merchandise industries. Because of this…