Walt Disney Educational Development

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Alex Jordan

It is often said that the latency stage of life is the most important in regards to education. During my undergraduate studies in Psychology, I learned that the education children receive between the ages of three and six are perhaps, the most vital, in regards to confidence and self-esteem. The educational experiences of children at those ages will set the stage for future learning in a structured environment. Walt Disney, for many years lead the charge in childhood academia, increasing innovation with the technological advances of the day.

On December 4th 2014, Walt Disney announced their most recent advancement in child academia. Artistically named, Disney Imagicademy provides families and children with fun, interactive learning initiatives that focuses on empowering children's creativity through doing and making. Similar to the Leap Frog programs by Leap Frog Enterprises, who are also pioneers in the field, Imagicademy, exposes children to fundamental learning concepts in a user friendly manner. Disney, however, has the advantage because of the iconic characters that they are able to utilize. Characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy may be infamous for children, mainly because of Disney’s reach in other areas, such as Bedtime story books, television shows and movies.

“We tapped a panel of top-notch education experts to help us create Disney themed, cutting-edge learning products that kids can both learn from and enjoy playing with”. Disney took a serious approach on the educational value of the Imagicademy releasing, seeking counsel from top education experts. The opinion of parents were also welcomed in the implementation of this initiative, many of whom were surveyed to gauge the concerns of the consumers. Disney found that many parents had a preference for digital learning, as it has before the way of life for this generation.

As of December 11th 2014, Imagicademy became accessible to the public. Disney will be releasing their new product on multiple outlets on several tiers. Books, tablets, DVDs, and