Disney World Essay

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Disney World

My favourite memory is when I went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I loved it because it was just a fun time to spend there, and spending more time with my family; however, it was too hot and discomforting so go in the winter. I went there two years ago with my family in the summer time before school ended by two weeks. It all started in the airplane when we were heading from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Orlando, Florida, and the flight took about four to five hours maximum. The ride had a few bumps on the way, but it was actually fun because we were going on vacation, and when we arrived at the airport I felt extremely sick and nauseous.
My mom knew that I felt really sick, so we rented a taxi and went to the hotel that was an hour away from Disney World. I got into the room and got some good night sleep until the next morning we all woke up, and we went to Magic Kingdom, which was 1 of the 4 of the worlds, and when we went we did all kinds of fun, exciting, and extreme stuff. We went on the rollercoaster that was not really that bad, but it was going really fast I could not keep up with counting the people below. We also went go carting, on the towers drop, bumper cars, Viking ship, the Kamikaze, and more other exciting rides. We stayed there for the whole day, and at night there was that dancing competition were people who were really good at it joined and competed.
After that, we went back to the hotel where I had a nice cool bath to relax from all the walking I did. On the day, my dad went to buy other tickets for world number two, which was the Animal Kingdom, and that world was kind of a zoo with rides and fun events to do. My parents and my brothers went to take pictures, and just take a look at the cool animals there. While, I was running around from ride to ride and having the time of my