Diversity: Education and Child Essay

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Latasha Mc Daniels
July 8, 2009
Diversity, Pedagogy, and Social Change
What Is Important To Me?

As a future Educator I can think of a lot of things that are important to me. To be a successful teacher I believe that it is important to know your strengths and weakneses. It is also important to have a passion for what you do because there is one thing a child can detect is a liar, so it is important to show your true heart. There are plenty of things that I can talk about that is important to me as teacher but I will only talk about three. The three things that are important to me is that no child is left behind, knowing my students, and communication. With the no child left behind, it is very important to push your students to succeed. I don’t want them to just succeed for the state but for themselves. Passing a child is a very big accomplishment for them, but knowing where that child was when they arrived in your class and when they leave it is also a accomplishment for you. The drop-out rate is getting higher and higher but I believe that is because so many students slip through the cracks. The saddest thing I have seen so far is a child in middle school who cannot write his name or read, and the teacher said that it was the parents fault for not teaching him at home, I believe that parents do have a huge responsibility on helping their children to succeed, but if you sit back and don’t try to make a differnence in the child you are just as bad as the parents. As an educator I don’t clock out at 3:00p.m, but my job is 24 hours, because sometimes you must step up and make sure that the children who are not getting it in class, can get the extra help they need outside the classroom. There are so many children who want to do well in school, but don’t have the motivation.

Page 2 I know that every child will not succeed or even will want to, but as a teacher I believe that it is important that I try my hardest to help every child to succeed. Sometimes seeing your teacher having your back will give you the insitive to do well. Knowing my students is also very important me. I see some teachers who just teach, and don’t get to know their students. Knowing your students can help you assess them, because children are going to act differently. By understanding that every child is different can help…