Micro Culture

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Individual’s race and ethnic background gives others the opportunity to link them to specific morals or beliefs, but in some instances not all characteristics are relatable. Many students are raised differently and develop different views and opinions regarding specific topics. For example, the way a student views the importance of education or grades will vary. Micro culture reveals the diversity regarding student’s morals and learning preference, which their ethnic group, social class and culture are all contributing factors.
Micro culture focuses on the different components that make us all individually unique in one way or another. Despite the pigment of an individual’s skin, many people could agree that students may share similarities
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Some ethnic groups mind set is to raise their child by emphasizing on the importance of the religion and family bonds. These children, despite their special needs are encouraged to maintain a strong faith foundation and contribute financially to the cost of living, at a young age. Consequently, some students dismiss furthering their education and pursue a career right after graduating high school. These students tend to apply for jobs that do not require a certification or degree completion. Regardless of a student’s social class many parents want the best for their child and will not allow any obstacles to discourage them. These parents particularly remain involved in their child’s education and go over and beyond to ensure their child receives the services they are entitled to. However, there are parents that remain involved in their child’s education and go over and beyond to ensure their child receives the services they are entitled to Unfortunately, there are also some families who solely seek financial benefits from their child with disabilities through services such as social security. On the contrast there are also parents who main focus is education and where their child will stand on the social class scale, once they complete their college …show more content…
The obstacles some students may encounter might be caused by inactive parents. This could be the result of families that require both parents to work two jobs giving parents very few day off to raise their children and instill the importance of education. Children that have absent parents or guardians may develop a low self-esteem, and at times their academic status may decline. Then there are other students that do have supportive parents who emphasis on the importance of education, which gives a child a great chance to strive and reach their academic