Diversity In America

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Tierra Robinson
Mrs. Johnson
English 102
30 January 2013
Diversity in America Never before in history has a society been as diverse as the U.S. is today. Never before have so many different people, beliefs and values been integrated into a single culture. Some say that America is actually less diverse than it was a century ago.
The main reason America is less diverse today than it was at the turn of the century is because of all the crisscrossing that has occurred in the intervening generations. We are no longer a nation of Scandinavian farmers, Chinese laborers, and Polish merchants; we are a nation of cross breeds. In the last two decades alone, the number of intermarriages in the U.S. has jumped from 300,000 to over a million. The incidence of births of mixed-race babies has multiplied 26 times as fast as that of any other group. As I see it, the mingling and mixing of race is a sign that we are evolving toward a higher, more integrated state as a culture. Diversity appears to be a function of social evolution.
During the past 50 years immigrants from around the world have dramatically changed the landscape of America. From Christianity to Judaism, from Buddhism to Hinduism and a variety of other faiths are found today around the different regions of the United States. Religion in America has many branches, due to its large pool of different belief and multicultural traditions that have developed over time. America’s new religious landscape is changing traditional religious attitudes due to the big variety of different religions found today.
Most American would have a difficult time telling you,