Do It For The Children

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Taylor Williams
Professor Harvey
English 1000
31 January 2015
Do It For The Children
Michelle Obama in the "Remarks to the NAACP National Convention" emphasizes that child obesity in America is a huge problem that needs to be solved. She explains why our children are obese and offers some ways that could help the situation. Obama encourages parents to start feeding their kids better foods and making healthier choices. The government and the food places should provide better labeling so that we know what's in the food. She says "1 in 3 children is over-weight in America". Being over-weight can lead to health conditions and other problems. She also says that, the school meals need to be more nutritious and healthier. In school kids need to participate in activities such as gym or recess, says Obama. A lot of schools budget didn’t include gym and such so it was cut out. Obama urges that the government will look out for the children and begin to make changes.

Michelle Obama recommends that the government and the food industry provide better labeling on items. I agree with her because if people knew what they were getting offered they may take time to think of other options. In most cases, if the right information isn't provided people don’t really take the time to think about it, they just do it. Also, giving this information could be wise so because it could prevent diabetes, heart problems and more. Obama states" We already spend a billion dollars a year to treat these conditions". I believe that if our adults are already this way and starts to become a problem for the children then that begins to add on. This problem will not only affect our people but the economy as well. If our children continue the this

path, then they won't be able to do many things later in life as an adult such as: work without a problem or regular daily activities. Obama makes it very clear that it's not how our children look but how they feel most of all. She is right, this more of an health issue for our people and the country. Obama also makes a suggestion that school meals should be healthy and nutritious. This recommendation seems fair to me. Parents aren't with their children while they are at school.
Someone has to make decisions for the children and it cant be them. We have to be the voice of the kids and make the best decisions. In her essay, she says "We can build our kids the best schools on earth, but if they don't have the…