Influence Of Children On Children

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Children are easily Influenced

From Songs, logos to characters, advertisers must keep kids in mind. Competition is the reason which causes these advertisers to target children. Children are easily influenced through the use of cartoon characters and fun songs.

Many companies have a way to implant these products into your memory. Goldfish crackers for example are one these products. "I love the fishes `cause their so delicious..." This is the theme song to Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers. Children sing the phrase over and over and by the time the commercial is over it says "... and my mom says that's okay", which make children think there parents will allow them to eat this snack. Another example of a product with an addicting phrase is Skittles. “ Taste the Rainbow" Knowing all kids love bright colors and rainbows. This is taking advantage of a child's innocence and using it as a sales tactic. Commercials use children to sing these songs and song has been imprinted into a childs memory. The goal of a company is to sell their product. Competition between companies with similar products, is the reason phrases are used. If one company can create a phrase that everyone will know and remember then they will more than likely sell more than the next guy.

Children, by nature, are very competitive. They strive to get something that no one else has. A child loves to be the first one on their block to have the new toy, game or this day and age phone. . Companies know this and try to use it to their advantage. With all the similar item in the world, there is competition to sell a certain brand. If an advertiser can suggest to children that their product is better and more popular, then by their competitive nature the child will have a need to have the product. This need comes from the fact that a child loves to be the first to have something. If a cereal company uses the hottest cartoon character as their spokesperson a child will want the product because it is cool and they will