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Do you agree with the view that, in terms of reform, the ‘lessons of the Crimean War were not learned’ Explain your answer using sources 4,5 and 6 and your own knowledge.
Sources 4,5 and 6 agree and disagree that the lessons of the Crimean War were not learned. Some sources disagree that that the lessons of the Crimean war were not learned as there are some short and long term reforms as a result of the war. Some sources agree with the statement as they suggest it is because of other factors such as; the new Liberal government, Prussian military success and limitations of the short term reforms made immediately after the Crimean War.
There were some short term reforms made as a result of the Crimean War, these reforms are stated in sources 5 and 6. Source 5 says ‘there was some improvements in the conditions of service for army recruits’ and source 6 says ‘some improvements were made in the British Army’. These two accounts speak accurately as there were military immediate reforms following the War. The commissariat was dissolved, and it was replaced by the War office aiming to ensure efficient management. Military developments included the establishment of the Victoria Cross in 1856, awarding and recognising achievements for the first time in British History, of the ordinary soldier. There was also recruitment criteria and training schools to make the British army competent and better skilled.
There were also some long term reforms made as a result of the Crimean war. There was better military medical provision, an increase in doctors and the understanding of gunshot wounds. All these reforms arise following the war to improve medical issues, which were inadequate during the war. It is stated in source 6 that ‘following Florence Nightingale’s work in Scutari, nursing was taken more seriously in Britain’. It is after the Crimean war that there were medical schools alongside with nurses training schools and nursing was recognized as a profession, providing medical aspirations for British women and improved healthcare for the public.
Some sources agree with the viewpoint that the lessons of the Crimean War were not learned and that the Prussian military success was a stimulus for real reform. Source 4 says ‘the public had no interest in military questions. However, the discussions generated by the Prussians recent success against Austria have changed my opinion’ and source 5 similarly says ‘reorganisation of the infantry was delayed until Prussian successes had awakened public opinion’ suggesting that Britain feared a Prussian threat as the Austrian army, far better than theirs was easily defeated in six weeks. Thus they carried out reforms only due to the possibility of a war against Prussia and not because of the inadequacies exposed during the Crimean War.
The limitations and failures of short term reforms made during and immediately after the Crimean War show that the lessons of the Crimean war were ultimately not learned. Source 5 says ‘there were some improvements for the army recruits’ implying that although there were improvements, these improvements were not maintained and therefore insignificant. Source 6 agrees that the reforms were limited as it