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Summer Assignment Strock


Ten Plagues
Who: Israel’s God, Pharaoh, and the Jewish people.
Plot: Israelites at this time were apart of slavery, they were treated inhumanely. The Ten plagues, which were disastrous things, (Water to blood, Frogs, Gnats, Flies, Livestock diseased, Boils, Thunder and hail, Locusts, Darkness, and Death of the firstborn) were pushed by Israel’s god to persuade the Pharaoh of Egypt to release the slaves of Israel.
Point: Shows the force that certain things have on people. Such as, releasing the Israelite slaves.
Other: This Biblical allusion is celebrated as a Jewish holiday known as Passover, which I have celebrated with my Jewish side of the family.

The Sermon of the Mount
Who: Jesus, and all types of people to walk the world.
Plot: Many people wanted to speak to Jesus as well as listen to him speak. On a mountainside Jesus spoke about all very important things in life.
Point: His teachings showed that god speaks and listens to anyone at anytime. He didn’t speak in a famous place, just a normal mountainside. His words were said to teach a person to be the best they can be.
Other: Jesus’ words are the keys to living happy and legal life.

Who: Lazarus, Mary, Martha, Bethany, and Jesus.
Plot: A friend of Mary and Martha, Lazarus, was very ill. Jesus was told to come down as soon as possible to heal Lazarus. Jesus wouldn’t, he showed up very late and by that time Lazarus was passed away. Then Jesus used his powers and brought him back to life.
Point: Mary and Martha knew that Jesus could heal Lazarus so when he didn’t come down to heal him immediately they were unsure of why. This shows that Jesus is there, but he will let trouble come into your life. Nothing is guaranteed perfection.
Other: This biblical allusion has a very strong message that some people may not understand yet if they are followers of Jesus.

The last Supper: Who: Jesus and his Disciples.
Plot: The night before Jesus was taken away and crucified, the last supper was held. He introduced the sacrament on this night. The bread and wine, which were also symbolized as the body and blood of Christ.
Point: To get the point across that all believers shall never forget the importance of Christ.
Other: The sharing of the “body and blood,” of Christ is presently performed in the Churches of all over the world.

Sampson and Delilah
Who: Delilah, Samson, and the Lord.

Jonah and the Giant Fish
Who: God, Jonah, and a Whale.
Plot: God ordered Jonah to help the people of Nineveh. He didn’t want to so he fled to sea on a Captain’s ship. Caught by a bad storm, Jonah was thrown into the sea. A whale swallowed Jonah, the whale was sent by god so he didn’t drown. Three days went by, Jonah prayed for God’s forgiveness and he was spit up on to dry land. Jonah went straight to Nineveh to order the people to stop doing bad things. He was mad though when god didn’t punish them.
Point: God would rather see people turn away from the bad of their doings, and do good then destroy the people doing bad.
Other: Teaches a lesson to all, to always to the right thing in a godly way of thinking.

David and Bathsheba
Who: David, Bathsheba
Plot: David and Bathsheba find a love for each other; they have an affair, resulting in Bathsheba being pregnant with their child. As well as her husband being killed so they could have free will to be together. Their actions brought upon God’s anger. In order for them to not be killed, David had to save the Kingdom of drought, famine and free himself of his many sins.
Point: It is possible in life to make mistakes, or sins and be forgiven for them.
Other: Forgiving of the sins can also be known as making your reconciliation.

Daniel and the Lion’s Den

Writing on the Wall

King Nebuchadnezzar
Who: people of Judah. Median and Babylonian dynasties, and King