Down Syndrome Essay

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What is the disease and what are the signs/symptoms that someone has the disease?
• It is a genetic condition that effects about every 1 in 733 babies
• Genetic condition- something that you are born with
• You cannot catch this disease from someone who has it, not able to be passed on
• One of the ways to tell if someone has it is to look at the way they look (face is rounder and flatter and eyes may slant a little)
• They are effected on how quickly that they learn new information
• Most have certain/particular health problems (heart problems, hearing loss, and etc…)
• People with other problems like autism or Cerebral Palsy as well as DS have more difficulties with learning things
• The extra chromosome also affect the persons physical looks
• There are 3 types:
1. Trisomy 21-most common 95% of people with Down Syndrome have it, it is when the person only gets 1 copy of chromosome 21 in their cells
2. Translocation Down Syndrome- approximately 4% of people with Down Syndrome have it, it is where the person gets 2 copies of chromosome 21 in their cells
3. Mosaicism (Mosaic) Down Syndrome- the last 1% of people with Down Syndrome have this, in this type the body cell’s have 3 copies of chromosome 21 in their cells, where the areas typically have 2

What can be done to help them with their disease or the symptoms (such as: medicines, nutrition, or a physical treatment etc…)
• Currently there is no cure to get ride of this disease
• Basically there is nothing that can really help them with their disease, except that are in a special Ed class in school when there at school, this is a class when they around the same people as them and get extra help
• The symptoms from this disease normally vary from person to person
• Most never meet the average height of a normal adult
• Social development problems: impulsive behavior, poor judgment, short attention span, and slow learning
• Common physical signs
1. Decreased muscle tone at birth
2. Flattened nose
3. Small ears and mouth
4. Upward slanting eyes
5. Wide short hands
6. Short fingers

How is it inherited? Is it a mutation? Is it passed down on a specific chromosome? Does it tend to run in families? (What is known at this time?)
• The people with Down Syndrome get it because they have an extra chromosome, they have 47 instead of 46
• The other name for Down Syndrome is Trisomy 21
• It is passed down on chromosome number 21
• Yes, this disease is a mutation because it is caused by a…