Personal Statement For Radiology

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The future of medicine lies in medical imaging, and I plan to be an integral part of that future as a radiologist. During my medical studies at Large University, my decision to enter the field of diagnostic radiology was a very natural one: I simply love looking at films. As I rotated through my third-year clinical clerkships, I discovered the excitement of examining the imaging studies done for my patients and training my eye to detect the subtlest of findings. In the midst of my pediatrics clerkship, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a pediatric radiologist. I was impressed with his ability to glance at a radiographic image and immediately provide an accurate interpretation. Moreover, his diagnostic reasoning and input were crucial to decisions made about patient care, and the nature of his interactions as a consultant to the pediatric team appealed to me. Regardless of whether he interacted with his patients face-to-face, it was evident that he genuinely cared for their well-being. In him, I saw the doctor that I someday want to be.

I am drawn to radiology by the challenge of identifying and assimilating pieces of a diagnostic puzzle garnered from snapshots taken of a patient. As a correct radiological diagnosis is essential to proper medical management, the role of a radiologist is paramount to optimal patient care. Uncovering an important radiographic finding, affords the satisfaction of collaborating with other clinicians to achieve successful patient outcomes. On a more personal level I will also find gratification in the visual and detail-oriented nature of the work, which resonates well with my abilities. Furthermore, I am attracted to the fact that radiology encompasses all areas of medicine and will enable me to acquire a detailed understanding of pathology and anatomy. While the principles behind these two core disciplines are unchanging, the imaging modalities used to evaluate them are constantly evolving and lend for a radiology career characterized by life-long learning and intellectual stimulation. I look forward to standing at the forefront of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, and contributing to patient care using the most advanced technologies available.

Convinced that radiology has much to offer in terms of a fulfilling career, I also believe that I have a great deal to give the field in return. My history of academic rigor and science-related background is well-suited for a technical specialty. My interest in technology developed during my time at Prep High School, a specialized math and science institution in New York City where I was first introduced to the excitement of scientific investigation. With a keen interest in technical disciplines and a solid foundation in the basic sciences, I pursued my undergraduate years at the Institute of Technology. At IT, analytic