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Ida woods
April 10, 2013
Causes if Child Obesity In today’s society, child obesity is very common and over looked. Obesity in children alone has increased dramatically over the last 20 years. Since the technology has improved, children have become lazier. They’d rather sit in front of a television, computer, text, talk on the phone, or even sleep then to do something productive, and the parents just allow them. Parents use to be involved in getting their children out doors and making sure their children eat healthy, but with the economy, parents rarely even have time for their children. Most parents try to blame their child’s obesity on genetic but genetics doesn’t determine the intake of calories their child takes in. Nor does it control how children burn off those calories. Genetic factors rarely play a role in child obesity, only in special cases, such as medical disorders like Prada-Willi Syndrome, but the rapid rise in weight gain cannot be attributed solely to genetic factors. ( Today, the media is some to blame for child obesity. Children spend, on average, over three hours daily watching television (, whereas, they could be out playing sport or at least walking. Since cell phones have become more high-tech and the TV has become more brain washing, kids don’t feel the need to go outside to have fun. All the fun they feel they need to have is in front of the TV, on the game system, or on one of the apps on their smart phones. On the Xbox and Wii, there are games to help you watch your weight and work out, but children rather play games that involve killing, racing, or stealing cars. Children are beginning to focus more on instant gratification and less on