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Scene 7

Rick Green
Elf 1
Elf 2

MAURY: Welcome Back, I hope you all enjoyed our stand up comedy. Sorry for our technical difficulties (air quotations), due to our little mishap we have to maintain Santa’s elves.

RICK GREEN: Duct tape works for everything!!!

ELVES: (Grumble and talk under breath glaring at Santa)

EDDIE: We get treated like this all the time, I bet Santa used some of his magic to make you TREAT US THE SAME WAY AS HE DOES AT THE SHOP!.

SANTA: Magic??? How about I use magic and duct tape your mouth too??

MAURY: That will be enough from both of you now!!!

EDDIE: (Grumbles under breath) Maury I have a question for you now! (Points at Maury)

MAURY: Of Course you do. (Yawns)

EDDIE: If Santa and Mrs.Claus had a baby what would it be named?

MAURY: I don't know. What would their baby be named? (Smirks)

EDDIE: Subordinate Claus

Drum joke sound

CROWD: (Laughter)

SANTA: Thats too far!!! (Picks up duct tape)

MAURY: Again guys come on! (Security guards/ Police officers try to break up Santa and elf) Please enjoy Drew Moore singing:_____________________ while we deal with more technical difficulties (air quotations).

Drew singing while in the background Santa is duct taping elves even more to the chairs and taping their mouths.

After Drew is done performing he exits and then the show comes back into view.

MAURY: The results have come in and Santa is found…..

Maury opening