Dream House Essay

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Angelica Johnson
English 1301
Mrs. Hays
2 November, 2012
Dream House
I’ve always wanted to visit Colorado. My mom went to a women’s conference out there when I was about eight. She brought back these beautiful pictures of mountains and land. She talked about how nice the weather was out there. It seemed so beautiful. Ever since then, I’ve always said “When I grow up I’m going to live in Colorado.” “I want to build my dream house in Colorado”. There are something’s I must have in my future house like: an enormous backyard, it needs a gorgeous master bedroom suite, and the house must be at least 5,000 square feet.
My dream house is going to be ten times better than the house I live in now. Like I said before, I would like to build it in Denver, Colorado. I want a 3-story, six to 10 bedrooms, 6.5 to 8 full bathrooms, 2 enormous game rooms, a theatre room, a broad living room and a spacious dining room. I also want both an indoor and an outdoor pool. I love to swim, obviously.
My family and I live in Houston, where I was born and raised. From the time I was born till present day we have lived in over 5 houses and 2 apartments all around Houston. A lot of the time my parents were being ripped off by landlords, which led us to moving out. One time we moved into this nice 2-story house with a balcony seeing into the backyard. Of course to the children that was amazing. But about three weeks after we moved in, a main pipe busted in our garage, where a lot of our stuff was. As a result, we moved out, which crushed our little hearts. After moving so much, I am satisfied with the house we live in right now. We’ve been here for about 6 years now. It’s a 2-story house with 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a game room, a living room, and a dining room. This house is beautiful, but there are some things I don’t like about it like: 1) There are apartments behind our house that can see into our backyard, my dad refuses to buy or build a pool due to lack of privacy. 2) The floor tile in the kitchen is white and blue square tiles which match nothing in the kitchen. 3) The women who lived there before us loved pink. As a result, she had pink wallpaper all through the house, pink carpet, and pink appliances like cabinets.
Back to my lovely house, I would love to have a spacious backyard to build a mini waterpark. I’ve researched many different types of custom made pools, and came to the conclusion that I want a built in pool 50 ft. x 100 ft. I want a waterslide forty-foot high that goes right into the pool. I also want a deep trench going around with water flowing like a lazy river. It would be amazing to have two live palm trees imported from Hawaii, on each side of the pool. With about 4 or 5steps going down, I don’t want rails coming out of the pool. Definitely waterproof LED lights for night time. It looks so amazing to see