Rooms and Dream House Essay

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Sandeep Baroth
Ali Khalil
Advanced Reading and Writing
19 September 2014
Undoubtedly, sophisticated people have of interest in building a dream house. I have an enthusiasm to build a dream house that would be heaven on earth. Being a nature lover I want my house to build in the middle of plain area surrounded by many trees, garden in front and back yard decorated with fountain, bird feeder and garden sculpture. The architecture I like to prefer wooden walls as exterior and glass interior, shimmering mirrors inside bring the feel of glasshouse.
My dream house would include living room, three bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, and swimming pool. The living room will be used for spending time with my family. I like to have a big LED screen in this room, and a comfortable sofa with coffee table. I would like to keep some artwork on the walls in living room and curtains that match with wall color.
Being busy all the day after coming back home every one wants to get fresh up. I would like to have comfortable and high quality washrooms with bathtub, walk-in shower, and double sinks. I would like to have big dining room with right furniture like dining table, chairs and accessories like dinnerware, serve ware so that can celebrate birthday parties and have family get-togethers.
My passion towards cooking makes me think about the kitchen, which is the main hub of the house. I like to have stainless steel cooking utensils, cookware, and kitchen furniture in this room.…