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Iris Childers
May 1, 2013
Eng. 101

In a world where our perception and understanding of the place in which we live is influenced by our surroundings and the way we view them, it is important that we look at all aspects of the matter from all viewpoints, both through the lens and with open eyes. Proposal from Dad’s Dream Photography for Cynthia Childers for the provision of photographic services enumerated below. Anticipated project date is “June 15, 2013” – proposal must be accepted no later than “May 15, 2013” in order to hold the quoted fees and reserve the schedule. One-day, in-home photography session with multiple subjects/multiple outfits/multiple poses. Session will last up to probably two or four hours with an in-person or telephone consultation scheduled one week prior to session. Session will use natural lighting provide by Dad’s Dream Photography various photographic equipment provided by the photographer and used at the photographer’s discretion; backdrops and/or clothing to be provided by homeowners. At least twenty, and up to one hundred, digital photographs (Raw and JPEG format) will be provided to the client on a Flash Drive within around two week after the photo session. All images will be retouched, if necessary, in order to achieve the quality desired, but will otherwise be free of effects. Client can choose up to twenty images for post-processing effects (black and white, vintage, etc.). Delivery of effect-applied images is within one week of client providing list of desired images to photographer. 4-hour photography session $250.00, payment due on day of session Photographer will be held harmless from any inconvenience caused by unforeseen circumstances. Since Dad’s Dream Photography is very flexible with schedule. All photographs are the copyright of Dad’s Dream Photography Iris Childers, and will be released to the client for their personal use. No commercial reuse of the images is permitted without express written permission by Iris Childers. Client agrees to allow images for use at the discretion of Iris Childers (portfolio, advertisement, etc.). This project is being undertaken as an Independent Contractor and is not being performed as Work for Hire. Thank you very much for your interest in Dad’s Dream Photography, and for the opportunity to submit this proposal for your review. Please feel free to contact me for any additional information, at (555)-444-5454 or Joan-doe@yahoo.com. Upon approval of this scope of work, please sign below and indicate your agreement for services based upon the contents of this proposal. I can and do use photography as my art form. So why not construct and photograph still lives? This is a far greater challenge than I imagined – and I didn’t think it would be easy! “One of the best things you can do overall is to help your clients. Be there for them at every stage of the process, and make sure that they know that they can always come to you with questions. One of the most effective ways we’ve helped our clients is by creating resources for them (usually as PDFs), from how to get ready for their session, to taking care of their digital files. This is an area that we’re always trying to work harder on. We really feel like the more we can help our clients, the better their experience will be! Look, this is the time to put your pride aside. Regardless of whether you were right or wrong an unhappy client is not a good thing for you. Great customer service can go a long way in turning an unhappy customer into someone who