Dreams: Dream Art and Waking Life Essay

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Tisheena Cly
March 22, 2013
Book Report
Understand Your Dreams I hear crying, a baby cry, I walk around to see what it is. As I’m walking I look down and see that I’m wearing some sort of sleeping gown, white frilly kinds but beige, and boots. I can’t seem to see my boyfriend in sight, and can’t help but think, ‘whose baby?’ Finally, I find the baby. She stops crying immediately after she sees me, and smiles and calls me ‘mama’ She’s so adorable with dark, thick, curly, black hair, round light brown eyes, and fair skin lying in a crib with pink blankets. Her laughter and voice is so sweet. I’m so lost but I pick her up and soothe her. She starts to get excited as she hears my boyfriend’s voice. I turn and see no one. It’s so blurry and I look in my hands and the baby is gone! I start to look but can’t see. I call for the baby and my boyfriend, nothing. That’s when I wake up, feeling so uncomfortable and overwhelm by my dream. I’ve always had this dream since high school, but at the time I didn’t have a boyfriend, in my dream I would “smell” cologne and see an image of a man but never his face. Since the dream I had I’ve became so interested in dreams, I would ask my parents or anyone what it would mean. They would always tease me that I’m ready for a family, I knew I wasn’t. So I picked up ‘Understand Your Dreams, by Alice Anne Parker’ it’s a really good book I thought, Alice Parker is known as the best known psychic in Hawaii (Honolulu Magazine). She has two books about dreams and how to interpret them. She tells you eight steps on how to interpret your dreams; Record the images of your dreams, What word or phrase best expresses your feeling in this dream, When is this same feeling present in your waking life, What were the significant activities in your dreams, Listing the characters in your dream, What part of you does each dream figure represent, Listing the significant places, objects, colors, and events in the dream, What changes, if any, would you like to make in this dream, and Briefly summarize the dream’s meaning, how does this apply to your waking life. Recoding your dreams could be the hardest task when you don’t have a pen and notebook beside you as you wake up, I know this because there were a few things in my dream I forgot but I did my best. She stated that one of her clients left her dream book across the room on her dresser instead of on her night stand, she would just simply wake across the room and it’d be too late, her entire dream had faded from her memory. She gave a helpful tip on recording your dreams, Dreams Circles. Gathering just the things you could remember like dream event, settings, the action of the dreams and anything that you could remember. Expressing your feeling in this dream, basically just asking yourself how you felt about your dream. My dream made me feel uncomfortable as in lost, worried and abandon because I wondered where my boyfriend was and why was this baby alone, but once I saw the baby I felt joyed and happy. After I woke up I wanted to know what my dream was telling me, or what I was I trying to tell myself. Is the same feeling present in your waking life, by tracking down the source of each feeling can be a bit tricky but you would feel the recognition and some issue in your life will leap into focus. In my waking life I would always wondered what I should do with my life, what am I ready for? After this dream, I found myself laughing thinking I was ready for a family, but knew deep down I wasn’t at all nor was my boyfriend. It really bothered me. The next three steps ask you to remember the characters in your dreams, the colors, and activities. And what they represent in your life, ex: my boyfriend to me represents, strong and motivation, he’s always the one who talks to me about what I want in my life, he makes it clear and easy, as in, if you want it, go get it! He’s always been