Dreams: High School and Way Offering Help Essay

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Success in life is the constant sharpening to skills and adapting to adverse circumstances. The true measure of a mans value is this ability solve problem. Neapolitan Hill, Best know for his book for his award wining guide to succeed “Think and Grow Rich” Stated - “Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” . Our society has a wide array of different ranges of morality, and idolizes, although the generally conception of the average American can be summed into one characteristic, Self Motivated. Though my personal experience is the Cliche ever so vigilante. Sure, many good Samaritan have come along the way offering help and advise, Likewise, Destructive forces rise at every instance of greatness. My Experience in doing Bushiness with bad business partner lightened me to the idea the is can do anything myself. Because of the constant cheating, scheme , selfish desire of my partner, I developed the facility need to achieved success in the music business.

After high school, most newly graduates look forward to college parties, becoming an adult, or finding a job to make money to support themselves. I , on the other hand, had the ambitious goal of becoming the biggest Aritst in Maryland. Music was my life, and the only thing I could honestly picture myself doing for the rest of my life. Sure, family told me, nobody makes a living from music any more, and it is a one a one million chance that it will work, but you can give it a try. I tend not to let words, block my actions As