Essay on Dreams: F. Scott Fitzgerald and Dream

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The Importance of a Dream Dreams make a huge impact on an individual’s life changing them forever. A dream can have a positive or a negative effect. Some dreams are achieved within days while others may take several years. Achieving a dream is not always easy to accomplish it takes work and dedication to get there, but in the end, it is worth wild. It is important to have a dream because without one people cannot move forward in life and will not have the motivation and perseverance to continue being successful and strive for excellence. Through A Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry is able to convey that dreams deferred do not cause an individual to lose focus and inspiration to obtain their goal. With dreams, come difficult obstacles to overcome that causes a person to achieve goals later on in life, but they never lose hope in reaching their dream. The protagonist, Walter, has a dream and want to achieve it; however, he is put down by his wife who is always telling him to “eat your eggs and go to work” (33-34) instead of encouraging him to go for it. Walter is continually living the same life and wants to change his life to make it more successful. Sadly, no one in his family believes he can achieve his goal. Hansberry is showing how Walter has no support from his family, yet still has no confidence in reaching his radical dream; explicating that an individual may not need the encouragement of love ones to go forward with their dreams and goals as long as they still have the confidence within themselves to acheive it. Walter can always not see his