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To Drill or Not To Drill
Amanda Diets
August 26, 2012
Kevin Dunn

Oil Drilling has its pros and cons, and some people are for it and some people are against it. It has come down to the issue of people wanting to have new power sources for the country, rather than to keep drilling. More or less these people want to have alternative sources of energy to help save on the planet, to be more “green.” Oil Drilling isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be. If you look into the way objects/products are made that a person uses every day, it can be seen that oil is the major ingredient in making those objects/products that is being used. There are a few things that do need to be discussed in a debate on drilling for oil, and to show people the whole picture rather than just part of it. People have their own opinion on the matter, as well as I do. Where I stand at in this issue is that I stand for drilling. My fiancé works in the oil field, and it’s our only means of income. If drilling is cut out completely a lot of families will end up in major trouble. They will start to lose everything they worked hard for. People do not realize that if oil is cut out completely everything that is produced that you use every day will be cut out. As I read in an article, “There is no substitute for oil, which is one reason it is prone to big booms and deep busts, taking the global economy along with it. While we can generate electricity through coal or natural gas, nuclear or renewables; switching from source to source, according to price – oil remains by the far the predominate fuel for transportation”(The Future of Oil, pg. 3., Walsh, Bryan., 2010.) As I always like to say if someone is highly against drilling for oil, go ahead park your car and start walking everywhere you go. I can understand why people are against drilling for oil, and want to switch alternative sources of energy. It’s not safe for the earth, it pollutes some of the water ways they use to supply the drilling rigs, and the dangers of poisonous gases that could leak into the air. I find a lot of this interesting, to know the different alternatives to supply energy. In another article I read, “Much discussion about going beyond petroleum includes the development of wind farms, solar thermal concentrators, solar cells, and geothermal…