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To Drill or Not to Drill? Critical and Creative ThinkingHUM/111
SharlyBarlaskar, MBA

One of the biggest topics in politics right now is energy. Gas prices are at an all-time high at over 3 dollars a gallon. Along with our wallets being hurt by the price of gas, it is also having a negative effect on the environment. Renewable resources are the future of energy. Solar, wind, and hydroelectric power are all possible ways we can save the environment we live in. They are all clean energy sources and have a lower chance of harming us and the world we live in. Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy will not run out. This is a way to guarantee there will be energy for future generations. “Many independent analyses believe that renewables could make a significant contribution before 2025” (Elliott 1992). Everything will have a price and tax payers will have to pay for these changes. On the other hand renewable energy investments will create jobs for the American people. People will have to build the materials and maintain the facilities. We are currently spending billions of dollars on importing fossil fuels, and switching to renewable energy would give us a great opportunity to bring things back to the USA. With pros come cons and have me questioning my beliefs. Wind power is not always very reliable there are days where there is no wind at all. Wind Farms locations can also damage animal habitats and are very noisy. Solar panels are very expensive and there might not be much sun to power your house (Horticulture Week 2013). The long term benefits are much greater than the short term negative effects of using renewable resources. There are not many options, because what we are doing is not working. The planet is being harmed by the fossil fuels we are burning. These affects cannot be reversed. There are too many negatives already happening and not enough negative in making the switch to renewable resources.

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