Essay on Drinking Water and Sewage Management

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The first thing I learned in this class was that the environment is so much more than just air, water, global warming etc. It is not only the surroundings but the conditions that a person lives or operates in. Morgan (2003) even mentions the environment affects people's health more strongly than any of the other determinants. The first week of class I learned about managing human environments and family planning plays a big role in the efforts to control overpopulation. I understand the concept of controlling the number of children per household because I grew up in an poverty stricken area where people would have kids without a plan on how to take care of them. I wasn't surprised when I read that overpopulation causes the majority of undesirable environmental, social, economic, educational, and political problems (Morgan,2003).

Learning more about water and sewage management was intriguing. I drink a lot of tap water so it was making sure that clean drinking water is available is important. Morgan (2003) says that lack of improved domestic water supply leads to disease through two transmission routes: water-borne disease transmitted by drinking contaminated or diseases that are spread when there are insufficient quantities of water for washing and good personal hygiene. It also shed light on the how socioeconomic status plays on having access to these services. The majority of the readings listed third world countries as places where clean water and proper sewage