Analysis Of Eminem Drop The World

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March 28th, 2014
Drop the World by Lil Wayne ft Eminem
Drop the World (see apex.) was on the tops of charts back in its heyday. It was on the radio, commercials, YouTube, and everywhere else. People loved it including myself. I thought it was a good song to get pumped up for a big game. However, the songs lyrics are actually depressing but presented in a way that’s energetic and motivating.
The song is a story of an oppressed individual with an inner strength gaining ground and standing to their oppressors. Through the use of numerous similes and metaphors describes the emotions of the dispirited and their struggle with their tormenters. Afterwards describing virtues and moralities of the oppressed that put them above those who mean to oppress them. Between each named attribute the artists describes how they use that attribute to their advantage. Though none of the actions describe actually happen they show how the oppressed gain courage to stand up. Each action is used as a hyperbole to depict the worst, most horrific scenarios imagined by the oppressed to justly punish their tormentors. For example, the Title of the song is “Drop the World”. Implying the gravity of misery to be affected but till it’s very much exaggerated.
The opening verse acts as an introduction describing the main character and setting. In the description is the product of what living a life of hardship brought from others in an immaterial setting. The first verse comprises of all similes so a line-by-line analysis is necessary. In the first line Lil Wayne starts that song by saying “I got ice in my veins…” Being under consistent scrutiny gives people placid tempers. Making them almost physically numb to what others think or say. The second half of the same line reads “…blood in my eyes” Acting numb towards others hostility doesn’t make them nullify their feelings. Inside they hurt. Bleeding through their eyes is a metaphor for if the pain they feel could be visible. If what they felt was given a physical trait it would be tears. Why tear of blood versus regular tears? It could add to the severity of the pain they feel. It could show how much they would cry; crying so much that their tear ducts dry up forcing them to cry blood. Continuing the description Lil Wayne says “Hate in my Heart…” Having hate in the heart is describing how resentful the oppressed feel. After being treated unjust, hatred has built up in the hearts of the unfortunate individuals. Hatred directed towards those who show hatred and anger towards them. “I seen nights full of pain, days of the same.” The torment is continuous without break. Day and night the burden placed by others is unrelenting. However, within the tormented find sanctuary in their mind. As expressed by Lil Wayne “…love in my mind.” Within their minds they find peace or fantasize of better things. Later in the song, that escape may be the tool used to gather the courage to stand up for their self. Until then they assume the worse from their oppressors. “You keep the sunshine, save me the rain.” This line is direct towards their bullies. This would be the rising action of the song where the oppressed gain voice. They don’t care about what others say or do and embrace their struggle. The oppressed encourage their bullies to continue. They accept their fate and stand strong in the rain of terror. The verse goes on to better develop the conflict and resolution for the tormented.
After the verse comes the hook of the song. Starting with the biggest hyperbole of the song “Ima pick the world up and ima drop it on your head.” Lil Wayne sings “I could die now, Rebirth, hop in my space ship and leave earth.” This is an allusion to Lil Wayne’s previous song “Phone Home” (see appex.)—in the song Lil Wayne says “We are not the same I am an alien” and “Get in my space ship and hover.” Clearly the second part is referencing one of Lil Wayne’s Platinum Records. However, the first part holds historical context. While