Drugs: Addiction and Decision Making Essay

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After doing the Mouse Party exercise I learned that almost all of the drugs and alcohol affect the Serotonin and Dopamine receptors in the brain that lead to the Synaptic Cleft. Most of these drugs are highly addictive and have been known to cause death during an overdose, but in some cases where the addict suffers a sudden withdrawal they can become extremely ill and even die because their bodies are so used to whatever drug they are abusing that their normal body functions shut down. When our body is so used to an artificial substance being in our system it becomes co-dependent on the drug which causes our addiction to the drug. That is why when the abuser is at such risk during withdrawals because the body has become so accustomed to that drug being there that it doesn’t work properly, and that leads to serious illness or death. Meth, Ecstasy, Heroin, and Cocaine all overstimulate certain cells and inhibitors which magnify the effect that certain cell or inhibitor causing intense periods of time where the drug has affected your body. Too much of these drugs will cause natural body systems to shut down or become dependent on the drug which leads to addiction. For example: Ecstasy affects your mood, sleep, perception and appetite, if you become addicted to this drug your body becomes dependent on the drug which could lead to extreme eating and sleeping patterns, and also mood swings. Marijuana, Alcohol, and LSD under stimulate certain cells which can impair your motor skills or decision making skills. When you drink alcohol it binds to glutamate receptors preventing glutamate from exiting the cell, which impairs your memory formation, decision making, and impulse control. Marijuana is a very hot topic because we are in a time where it has been proven to be used for medical purposes, but it is also very frowned upon in certain societies due to their belief. Marijuana is known to be responsible for slowing down movement, making you feel relaxed, and has also been known