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Body Fat
June 21, 2000 Body Fat

Body fat composition is necessary for organs and to keep us warm at during cold months. Women carry more body fat than men do. Also there are techniques to determine body fat and commonly men want to be 8% to 20 % body fat and woman need to be around 21% to 33% body fat. When we age body fat increases and lean body mass decrease this won’t change appearance. This means that you could weigh the same as an older adult but you have over time stored more fat but not gained any weight. This can be avoided by keeping up exercising and activeness as you get older. I believe that the epidemic has to do with how we live now. Everyone is on the move and working hard and long hours. In the same instance we have increase in drugs use and many men and women leave their children to be raised in single family homes. There many single parent working double jobs to keep clothes and roofs over their children heads. This eliminates the need for a nutritious meal and more room for McDonalds and fast quick meals that processed and carries high sugar and carbohydrates in them. On the other hand we have another eating disorder I this case the victim does not get enough food. Anorexia is self-starvation was the victim fears to be fat and they starve themselves. They have very low self-esteem and can’t eat because worried about gaining weight. Bulimia nervosa is where they either over eat or purge or binge eat very unhealthy meals and