Essay on Ducking Women

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The thing about women is that they are all very different, you don't need to even meet one to know that the way they are portrait in television is at least somewhat accurate. You have your depressed girls who think they're unique and like to use tumblr. I was very fond of these during middle school and 1 year in high school. As long as this girl is anti social even the most pathetic of women can win one over, there really is no need for anyone to be scared of approaching this girls for they are probably more afraid of their one shadow, unless they are somewhat attractive then they might be somewhat confident in the act of socializing. I wouldn't know too much if these women make good companions, they're clingy and obsessive over male friends who they really like, oh and they'll probably never make the first move women usually never do anyways. Then theres the women who are overly excited about life and who you probably find annoying they might be attractive they might not usually good for a hit and quit thing. Who else is on the list? oh yes the shy artistic type, they're not bad unless you have the slightest amount of self confidence, let me tell you about these because they are super boring, but somewhat fun at types it pays of in the long haul, but i wouldn't recommend these. I saved the best for last, the normal women, well i wouldn't say normal because there are none, i would call the one i'm currently falling for normal, she's funny, nice, not boring, and just