The Tale Of The Tortoise And The Hare

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The tale of the tortoise and the hare gives us a great example of how someone that has a huge disadvantage and the odds are against them that they can overcome and still come out on top. They have to have faith in themselves. It also shows that a arrogant person that thinks that they are the best and thinks they can just win with ease at anything they do can be beaten and taken down. The story starts off as the tortoise agrees to a five mile race and the hare decides he will do it. When the race starts the hare burst out and takes the lead. He gets so far ahead that he decides to take a nap in the middle of the race. The tortoise is still far behind slowly moving ahead traveling at a light jog pace and catches up to the hare. The hare doesn’t even notice because he is sound asleep so the tortoise wins the race in the end. The tortoise doesn’t have abilities on his side he is naturally slow, he still thinks and believes in his mind that the task can be done no matter what. He knows he will most likely not win the race but agrees anyway. On the other hand the Hare has great running ability and speed. Being over confident is what cause the down fall of the Hare wasting all energy at the beginning of the race and losing the focus. He became tired and took a nap causing him to lose the race. The tortoises just kept a steady pace and focuses toward the goals he had set. Arrogance is what cause the hare to lose the race he was shocked to see that he had been beaten. In today’s word