Dysthymia: Gender Role and family Essay

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Family is an important part of socialization. As children, people identify with who their parents and grandparents are. As adolescents people attempt to find their identity within the comfort of family, specifically those who often offer support. Family holds a different definition for different people, the significance however seems to be universal. Family often seems like the one thing that people can rely on, and in many cases go pack to. Families helped to shape children, and provide unique perspectives that will color how many of these children will view the world. Family influences life, by providing values and moral guides that often last throughout life.
Defining family isn’t always easy, it can be defined as “a group of individuals living in under one roof and usually under one head or as a group of peoples united by certain convictions or a common affiliation (Family).” This definition allows there to be a wide range of interpretations of the exact makeup of family. Family has changed throughout the generations, what was once considered family in the 1800’s may not stand up to the stress and lifestyles today. Families have gone through changes that are both rapid and very transformative. “Industrialization, urbanization, and increased globalization have dramatically impacted families throughout the world (Qiu, Schvaneveldt & Sahin, 2013).” The social norm for family vary based on cultural, religious, or geographical factors. One factor remains consistent throughout, “members of a family simultaneously influence and are influenced by each other's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors (Dattilio, 2001).”
Being able to rely on family often contributes to the well-being of individuals, this important factor allows people to seek comfort within the family structure. Family is important because it also allows people to share other aspects of life, including joys, and accomplishments. Parents often become sounding boards for children, adults often refer to parents of r advice and guidance, especially true with first time parents that often refer to their parents for advice and guidance when dealing with their own children. The family environment is where people first find out about love
How family members view the family and its interactions as a whole, helps to shape and mold the way a family operates, this is particularly true if someone were to view the family interactions repeatedly over a period of time. The way someone recognizes a pattern from these observations allows them to form a template that is ultimately utilized to help understand and explain family behavior, and relationships. These observations are also utilized to help predict the future outcomes of events within the family structure (Dattilio, 2005). Family members can go through the same experience, with different interpretations. Each member of a family has a unique and subjective view or perspective. The family unit however is an institution that initializes social interaction, be they positive or negative. The traditional family is seems to be almost non-existent, with step-families, foster families, half-siblings, and other non-biological family members in many of today’s families, the traditional family seems to be the minority. Family members often support each other, while developing close intimate relationships with one another. A family often consists of social interactions between members, these interactions have the ability to influence and mold people’s responses and reaction to society as a whole. It is natural and even expected that change occurs within families, with older adults becoming more dependent on relatives, and the introduction of children within the family structure change is bound to occur. With the introduction of newborn children the family changes, from childproofing the home and adding a car seat to back to school shopping, the changes are noticeable.
Conflict is a natural part of life, it often occurs within social