EGT1 Task 3

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The values found in Table 1, were calculated using the University’s Support staff payscale from 2014. To calculate each new position's starting salary we took the average of the starting salary and maximum allowable salary; we did not use the minimum because the information was three years out of date and we felt that an average would be a safe estimation with plenty of room for error as these would be new hires receiving a starting salary. Custodial needs were calculated under the assumption that there would need to be at least two new hirings of custodian specialists to cover the night shift and these salaries were calculated at $27,060.50 each, which combine for a total of $54,120. We also felt that it would likely be necessary to hire a new security guard to patrol and ensure safety in the library after …show more content…
To find our energy requirements we used the University’s press release stating that 90% of the library departments expenditures were staffing or collections (journal subscriptions, etc.), although this figure may include expenses other than utilities possibly that might not be affected by extended hours we felt that again we were safer using a high estimate to ensure that our proposal would have sufficient funding. In total these costs amount to $99,605 which is less than the $110,000 that was quoted by the University, however we were unable to discern from the press release whether or not the higher figure included journal subscriptions that were cancelled. Regardless the funds raised from an $3 increase in privilege fee per semester would result in a total of $132,000 annually, assuming a 22,000 student enrollment per semester. This would create a surplus of at least $22,000 that could be used to cover unforeseen expenses such as overtime for existing custodians or security guards.