Earth Science Essay

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In the modern world the demand for fuel has increased and the need will increase even more in the near future.The need for fuel has rises with upcoming market that also need more energy. Fuel is needed for transporation and to run our appliances and provide us with light.

Non renewable resources is a natural resources which cannot be reproduced,grown,generated once depleted there will be no more avaliable for future use. The sources of fuel that are commonly used are Oil,Coal, and Natural gas. Oil is used for many different things such as heat transfer,it used as colants in Oil cooling. It also used to enhance heating in other applications. Coal is primary use as an energy source either for heating or electricity. Natural gas is also an important energy source to use as fuel for vehicles and manufacture of plastics.

Natural gas comes from deep under the earth. It's often found in conjunction with Oil deposits. It's found in a few south western states. Natural gas is used for heating homes, means of transportation and for cooking but before we can use the gas it goes through a process to get rid of impurities. With natural gas there are many disadvantages and advantages , advantages are natural gas burn more cleaning than the other fossil fuel and also It is easily transported via pipelines and fairly easily using tankers. Disadvantages are Even though it is cleaner than coal and oil, it still contributes a large amount of carbon dioxide to greenhouse gases and it can leak causing a explosion. I think the disadvantages weigh more than the advantages because more bad than good comes the natural gas.

Alternative gas derive form fuel made